Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oh how I messed up my NFL week 1 picks: Here's week 2

My NFL picks for last week was something like this:


Dallas  at  N.Y. Giants:                                   NY GIANTS    L

Atlanta  at  Kansas City:                                  Kansas City     L
St. Louis  at  Detroit:                                       Detroit            W
Miami  at  Houston:                                         Houston         W
Buffalo  at  N.Y. Jets:                                       Buffalo            L
Washington  at  New Orleans:                        New Orleans    L
Philadelphia  at  Cleveland:                             Philadelphia     W
Indianapolis  at  Chicago:                                Chicago          W
Jacksonville  at  Minnesota:                            Minnesota        W
New England  at  Tennessee:                         Tennessee          L
Carolina  at  Tampa Bay:                                Carolina           L
San Francisco  at  Green Bay:                        Green Bay        L

Seattle  at  Arizona:                                        Seattle             L

Pittsburgh  at  Denver:                                    Pittsburgh         L

Cincinnati  at  Baltimore:                                Cincinnati         W
San Diego  at  Oakland:                                Oakland            L

OK OK OK....... so my selections were a bit off (6-10 for my first week). Seems like the whole NFL week was kind of odd. Green Bay barely rushed the ball at all. Frank Gore played a game and did not get injured. Randall Cobb caught the ball. Peyton manning is still laughing at the Squeelers. The Eagles barely beat the BROWNS. The REDSKINS played decent football for once. Perhaps we might see a little bit of QB controversy in the Arizona CARDINALS camp unfolding. Never the less I made my choices and now I will live with it excuses free!

Here are my picks for WEEK 2 OF THE NFL:


Chicago at Green Bay                                            GREEN BAY
Tampa Bay at NY Giants                                        NYGIANTS
New Orleans at Carolina                                        CAROLINA- UPSET PICK
Arizona at New England                                         NEW ENGLAND
Minnesota at Indianapolis                                        MINNESOTA
Baltimore at Philadelphia                                         BALTIMORE
Kansas City at Buffalo                                            BUFFALO
Cleveland at Cincinnati                                            CINCINNATI
Houston at Jacksonville                                           JACKSONVILLE
Dallas at Seattle                                                      DALLAS
Washington at St. Louis                                          WASHINGTON
NY Jets at Pittsburgh                                              NY JETS
Tennessee at San Diego                                          SAN DIEGO
Oakland at Miami                                                   MIAMI
Detroit at San Francisco                                         SAN FRANCISCO
Denver at Atlanta                                                   DENVER

those are my picks and that's what I am going with!


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