Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stephen Strasburg

Stephen Strasburg is playing in my backyard today.....In altoona that is (45 min drive from my house). It's a beautiful day here at the well packed ball park. Stephen Strasburg has struck out 7 batters so far and has allowed 4 hits and runs and 1 walk. Curve lead 4-3 so far. This dude can freakin hummer that ball in there. Hopefully he doesn't turn into a Brien Taylor or however that yankees draft of a pitcher was. Back to the game folks!

Stephen lasted 5 innings against 22 batters and also got a double when he was up to bat and he picked up the win as well. Overall I have to say he is exactly where he should be: AA baseball. He was a little hyper at first but settled in nicely. He has a pretty nice changeup and had control of his fastball. Hopefully he can continue on that track and stay focused. I just hope that Washington does not rush him at all and turn him into a Ben McDonald case.

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