Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Random Thoughts that dance in my head

Ahhhh...............yes. What a wild and crazy fun Easter weekend it was. My future soon to be mother-in-law can cook the most awesome meals and she did not disappoint on this holiday! She had such a wonder ham broth gravy that just melted in your mouth and made heaven when splashed on the homemade mashed potatoes. The best part was the Ham. Not salty and slow cooked all night....talk about goodness!
Well, I am going to go make myself a sandwich since I have stirred my appetite up again. In the meanwhile have a look at some random thoughts for the day.

Today was the opening day for MLB and the Pirates, Mets, and Atlanta all won their openers. Jason Heyward hit a HR on his first MLB at bat. Like Gellman said, "It's only one freakin HR". However I'm quite sure there will be 5000 Jason Heyward items listed on Ebay with such bonehead titles listing them as "Jason ROY" or JASON MVP or JASON HOT or Jason just got advice from Chipper Jones or "Jason touched this ball" or even a "Jason is GOD" listing. I can just see the Beckett boarders lighting up, "Jason is a BASEBALL GOD".

BREAKING NEWS FLASH....... Ebay HAS MADE IT OFFICIAL with the latest listing trends. Ebay reports that when listing any Jason Heyward items on Ebay it must include the word "MOJO" in the title or auction will be canceled while we still collect the fees.

Donovan McNabb going to the Redskins.........that's messed up.

Who knew that Willie Parker signed with the Redskins let alone Larry Johnson?

Adam Lind signed a 4 year deal....SWEETNESS!

Cameron Maybin went 0-4 with three strikeouts....Not good for someone who was so over-hyped.

The Mets bullpen did not blow a game....now if they can do that 161 more times.

Colby Rasmus started out on a good note for opening day.

What is up with all of the Earthquakes lately?

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