Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Daughter's 2nd softball game results in a injury.

Well my daughter had her second softball game of the season today and she received an injury from it too. When it was her first at bat she ended up drawing seven pitches again (4 balls 3 foul tipped) and was walked. She safely stole second base and then on the next pitch she attempted to steal third.....and was thrown out. I blame the coach for getting her out because he waited till the catcher almost had the ball in her hands from a wild pitch before telling Caty to steal. LAME-O- on the coach's part.

The pitcher from the opposing team was 11 years old (the league consists of ages 7-11) and was throwing flames! I was impressed and I will say for the record and they can claim they heard it here first... this girl is going to be a factor on somebody's high school/college/pro softball team! She was striking out our kids left and right! She was humming that ball pretty hard that the catcher probably had to ice her hand down after the game. Half of the team was watching her throw during warm ups and some of them looked scared watching her pitch. Honestly I could say I don't blame them for feeling nervous as if I would've been their age and saw those pitches she was throwing.

It's the fourth inning and it's Caty's turn to bat. The first pitch is high and directly at my daughter's head. The second pitch is high again and at my daughter's head once more. The coach for the pitcher's team in a rude smartly manner says to Caty, "She ain't gonna hurt you. You've got a helmet on anyhow so don't worry about it". The next pitch is inside again and nails my daughters left hand. I heard the crack and my heart started pounding when I looked and saw the open mouth but no scream sound coming from my daughter. The coaches and the Umpire rushed immediately to her and she started crying and was hollering for Daddy. Her hand was beginning to bruise immediately and there was "seam marks on her hand" and it was swelling rapidly. They brought ice down right away from the concession stands and we iced it down. We had it checked out just to be on the safe side. The good thing is nothing was broken and she could do full range of motion exercises. As of this moment it's bruised with some heavy swelling but otherwise she'll be okay. She was given some pain medication and it seems to only bother her if it hangs down. Oh's her 8th birthday tomorrow! She started her 8th birthday with going on the disabled! She was a trooper though and wanted to get right back out there tomorrow to practice at 5pm. I explained to her that she has to take a few days off practice and I explained to her why she would need time off to heal. She looks right at me and then says, "Dad how am I gonna play the Wii"? So much for explaining things in a serious manner. Kids....ya gotta love them!

I would've liked to have a few words with that coach regarding the comments he made towards my daughter but then I wouldn't want to do that in front of her either. I don't want her to see me choking the life out of someone. That would not be a positive role model sign for her to see. I know it wasn't the pitcher's intending purpose to nail her as she was starting to lose control of her fastballs even more after beaning Caty. Still....I wanted to smack the coach for his pointless words directed towards my daughter. Perhaps I will have to "help out" with batting practice the next time we play them again.


Play at the Plate said...

I'm sure we would have seen your "words" show up on YouTube...I hope she gets better soon. Isn't it just like kids to be worried about how they're going to play Wii.

The Big Kahuna said...

Here's what would be on size 14 shoe up his ass and then a shoe string bow tie out his mouth...of course I'll double knot the strings. Wouldn't want his mouth strings to come untied.

Nothing like having a serious talk with your kids and then they reply with..."let's play on the Wii or xbox 360". Oh this video game generation.....aye!