Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Big Kahuna vs Topps via the Better Business Bureau....PART 2

Well....Topps seems to have to move pretty fast on this issue. Five days after receiving a reply back from the BBB and Topps with their answer to the BBB I had received a package on my Birthday (July 26- how convenient) from the Topps company in good ol Duryea, PA.

Let us call this Exhibit A:

We've all received these "thoughtful and heartfelt" replacement letters when Topps fails to acquire the signatures of the athletes they are to have in a product. When I read over mine it was as if a "tear" had formed in the corner of my eye. Why? because I knew Topps was going to fail me and wanted me to know that the signature they were sending to me was the BASTARD CHILD from the result of Topps sleeping in a bed of greed with BECKETT. I love it when they say in the letter at how they are "trying to obtain the exact card on the redemption". Gee...It makes me want to get a kitten a warm bowel of milk over those warm felt words. Then my favorite, "Due to circumstances beyond our control".....in other words, "OOPS.....we shipped the product before the athlete signed....how sad for you. Here is a kitten with a bowel of warm milk to comfort you. No worries as he will sign soon". So if Toyota advertises a truck with V8 but gives you the same truck with a V6 and charges you the same price as the V8 that is justified in their words? AYE!

Let us call this Exhibit B:

a 2012 Bowman Devon Still autograph is what I received from Topps Customer Service. So they replaced my first round pick from a premium card stock with a second round pick with cheaper card stock. Sounds like they hired the guy from the Trojan company who made sure the second-hand irregular condoms were sold at a premium price for all Ollie's Bargin outlets. I do feel lucky though because some poor hobby lover had it worse than I did. Just look on some of the comments in BLOWOUT CARDS forums as to what they had for replacements.

This is what I had originally:

 So was I screwed out of my original card.....again by Topps. My question is should I send it back for something better? My other thoughts are why did they not replace it with something else from Strata? Mark Barron signed other cards-Could they not have replaced it with another Mark Barron autograph? The guy they did send me was from PSU and did they send that to me because I live near PSU ( I despise PSU- GO IRISH!)? Sorry but I can't help but feel like I got a little bit ripped off on this one. The Tribe is far from spoken on this one!


The Prowling Cat said...

I would keep pushing it. To me this is a form of bait, and switch. They offered something up, and then switched it for something cheaper because they never had the original item. highly illegal, and if any store did what Topps is doing they would be in huge trouble. I wish more people were like you, and taking action like this. It would change the way Topps is being allowed to do business with us collectors.

gcrl said...

when fleer went bankrupt i had a number of redemptions submitted. i wound up receiving a bunch of replacement cards, some of which were basketball even though all of my redemptions were for baseball. the only explanation i could come up with was that they were timberwolves auto cards (no garnett, though) and i live in mn so they assumed i would be happy.

so, yeah, they probably figured you for a psu fan.

The Big Kahuna said...

Oh I feel your pain on the Fleer Death. I had six redemptions which were never fulfilled.

I do NOT drink the PSU cool aid like most of the people around here. Hell people are bitching now because of the 3 PSU administrative idiots that are back on trial for the sandusky case and everyone around is bitching that these guys are innocent and the charges dropped. I wish these folks would open up their eyes but you'd have better odds of winning the lotto!

Arno said...

God. Topps sucks. Haha