Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I gave into the peer pressure........welcome topps 2013

Just like a scene from the after school tv specials in the 80's I felt like I was getting peer pressured into buying Topps 2013 Baseball at my LCS. There was an old fat guy sitting on a tiny stool from across the room who was saying to me, "you might want to try a box of them big packers. You might get something special in them because I did." He then proceeds to show me an autographed card of Dee Gordan. He then tells me that Dee is a hot item in a Dodgers uniform. I politely declined his offer and then I asked for a box of jumbo baseball and then I headed out the door quickly because I could not contain my laughter much more.

When I got home I opened up my box of jumbo 2013 Topps Baseball with much anticipation as I was very curious to see if I could pull one of the Cy Young relic cards. For some odd reason I have found myself to be liking these cards very much.

Here are the damages:

Chasing History Andre Ethier Game Used Jersey Card.


 Roy Halladay Cy Young Relic card. 

Some die cut cards of Matt Cain, Dustin Pedroia, and Carlos Gonzalez. I might send these to the players to see if I can get them autographed.

Jarrod Parker Chasing the Dream autographed card. THOSE BLOODY WANKERS WITH THEIR BLOODY STICKERS! Okay I'm done complaining. If that's Jarrod's signature that is.......really......bad!

DING DING DING we have a winner!

Dylan Bundy Camouflage Edition. It's limited to 99 copies and I will let you guess what the serial number is out of 99.


The Lost Collector said...

I'm going to go with 99/99. Get that Bundy up on EBay now.

Ryan H said...

49/99 perhaps?

Dawgbones said...

Let's say #7/99, no wait, #17/99... yep, it's most definitely #7/99... nice pulls, I'm really liking the Wizard of Oz Emerald Greens this year...

(...Joe) said...

Just cuz it would be cool, like being #'d 66/99 cuz then it's be all like "Woah, which way am I holding it? Cuz it's like, the same both ways."

Until you look at the writing, and then it's not so hard but yeah. Ya know.

AdamE said...

If you don't send that Die Cut Pedroia as a TTM would you consider trading it?

The Big Kahuna said...

I would be open to that AdamE!