Sunday, December 30, 2012

A small part of my collecting goals for 2013

Here is the top 5 cards that I would like to put into my personal collection for the year 2013.

 1. A Ken Griffey Jr autographed card. I had one at one point and time but I lost it in the fire.

2. A David Wright autographed card. This is one auto that I have not pulled yet and I've always hoped that I would! It seems to be eluding me and it's getting nerve racking!

3. An Avery Brooks autographed card. I was a big fan of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and I loved seeing Avery as Captain Sisko.

4. A Mark Messier autographed card. While I was so delighted to get Wayne Gretzky's autograph in person after a game at MSG I was kind of hoping I could snag Mark's as well. Unfortunately I just missed him by like 4 seconds.

5. A Magic Johnson autographed card. He is my favorite NBA player and my favorite LA LAKERS player! I wish I still had the pair of Lakers colored Converse Weapon sneakers. Loved em!

and finally a special card that I need to get for someone I love dearly:

A John Kruk autographed card. Actually what I would like to do is to find out where I could send a picture to him and see if I could get it signed and personalized to Kathy, my fiance who is a Phillies fan. Her Pap and her used to watch the Phillies games a lot when she was growing up and John Kruk was both their favorite player. I though it would be something to cheer her up and bring back back some good memories for her. She deserves it!

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