Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Random thoughts of pointless jibberish....and some beach girls perhaps!

This is the "Mini Mind" of the Big Kahuna greeting you once again for another round of "Pointless Jibberish". The Big Kahuna has had a rough couple of weeks and decided to take a day off and get some well deserved rest and do nothing but sleep. Whenever he lets that happen I'm allowed to come out and play while he snores away!!! Ok know the drill. Here's some random thoughts that I pulled out of the Big Lug's head:

1. Why would you advertise a card contest to your customers and not have the site ready to go when your product goes live? SEE for details. Once again......Topps fails.

2. Tim Tebow = funny article on usatoday. One should not bring religion into sports and say it's GOD'S will for me to be the Team Starting Quarterback/Starting Forward/Starting Pitcher/Starting Jockey/Starting Goalie/Starting Fluffer.

3. Topps needs to let go of the monopoly! SERIOUSLY!!!

4. Big Kahuna loves the NY Giants and hopes that the QB Eli Manning will come off of the drugs that made him say, "I'm in the same class as Tom Brady" on Meanwhile, mild mannered Rex Grossman had milk come flying out of his nose from the bowl of Wheaties from which he was eating. The painful traumatic episode occurred while reading the article about what Manning had said. Meanwhile back at the Halls of NFL Justice, Tim Tebow said it was God's will for him to prepare a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because he was hungry.

5. Why does it seem like Penn State can never have a successful NFL career player? 2009 First round pick Aaron "Hasbin" Maybin was cut from the Buffalo Bills after mounting an astonishing 24 tackles and no sacks in a total of 22 games in 2 years. He had signed a 5 year contract with the team when he was drafted.
(P.S.-don't even say Kerry Collins was good. yes he may have had the numbers but his off field antics were despicable)

6. Anybody wanna bet that Chad Johnson does not make the opening day roster?

7. The smartest move in the history of the Chicago Cubs would be is to let Carlos Zambrano go away for good.

8. Guys who move to a new team for bigger money turnaround and end up playing like crap: see Vernon Wells, Jayson Werth, Adam Dunn, Andrian Beltre, JD Drew, Andrew Jones, or Jason Bay.

On to bigger and better things now! 

oh....oh my......this is good

I know the Big Kahuna is going to the beach next month but I didn't know he was thinking of Natalya Neidhart. What I do know is that the Big Kahuna doesn't like "wishbone ladies" and prefers muscular ladies. Natalya makes his id, ego, and himself very happy!

Aaaahhhh is another lovely lady that the Big Kahuna really likes: TARA

Oh my...this next thought that I pulled out was of a hot girl before she drove herself deeper into the bar/drugs/lesbian scene. She actually has some meat on her bones in this pic. Too bad she doesn't now.  Regardless this is one redhead he's always liked: Lindsay Lohan

Let me see what else I can pull out of his mind. I know he really wants to get to the beach to just chill out and fish.....

or ride a jet ski.....

or relax in a hot tub.......

OH NO......I pulled Caroline Wozniacki out of his mind again......I'm gonna be making a mess if I don't put this thought away immediately.

I guess after all of the mess and hoopla in his mind all I could find was this: For some odd reason he calls her "nickles"

So much for Fishing!


Wally said...

Not only do I think Topps needs to keep the monopoly, I think they need to stick to just one set, enough with all heritage, lineage, bowman, ect. non-sense. And I want my gum and cardboard shavings back in my packs!

Anonymous said...

HA! I have had a lot of those same thoughts.