Monday, September 23, 2013

The Big Kahuna picks his week 4 NFL WINNERS.....and perhaps his nose as well!

I believe there was a tragedy this week in the NFL. I do believe the New York GIANTS football team was purposely derailed to some swamp in order to entertain some country folks by playing FOOSEBALL with Momma and sipping tea and playing on the banjo because THEY DID NOT OBVIOUSLY SHOW UP TO PLAY THE PANTHERS. 38-0 was the final score.

Eli Manning returned to his old form and enlightened us with this lovely kind of a performance:


The GIANTS OFFENSIVE LINE had this kind of a performance:

Brandon Jacobs had this kind of performance after he kept running his mouth all week:

This week they take on the Kansas City Chiefs who just happen to be 3-0 and seem to be playing realistically 10x better than the Giants right now. I look for the Chiefs to manhandle the Giants at Arrowhead Stadium.

Here are my picks for week 4 of da NFL:

AWAY                          HOME

San Francisco 28   @    St. Louis       14    
Baltimore        24   @    Buffalo          21
Arizona           18   @    Tampa Bay   10   
Pittsburgh        21   @    Minnesota     31    
NY Giants       13   @    Kansas City  35   
Indianapolis     35   @    Jacksonville    9
Cincinnati        35   @    Cleveland      13   
Chicago          31   @    Detroit           38   
Seattle            24   @    Houston         31   
NY Jets          17   @    Tennessee      28   
Washington     20   @    Oakland        14   
Philadelphia    14   @    Denver           42
Dallas             24    @   San Diego      17   
New England  28    @   Atlanta           31    
Miami             28    @   New Orleans 35    


Dion's IP Autos only said...

There really is not one site that has the free signings or where players will be it's just pretty much keeping you eyes and ears open as most of the free signings are to Advertise something. I one for the Eagles I can tell you about is the Rockvale signing usually in June and has 2-4 players there for free. Thanks, Dion

The Big Kahuna said...

Oh it doesn't matter if it's free or not. I just never hear anything advertised around these parts. I have to watch out more for items down that way for shows and signings. Gonna have to put the sonar eyes on! Thanks for the info!

Fuji said...

Oh... how I hope you're wrong about Seattle. :-)

The Big Kahuna said...

Well Fuji......Seattle is playing in Houston and that could be a problem for them.