Wednesday, June 12, 2013

TOPPS redemption department......apparently has been fired! a another "bright" move by Topps and their lovely redemption department they are now making "staff changes" and the redemption replacements process will be delayed for at least a month. I found this out today when I called about my pending Topps Strata Mark Barron autograph redemption that has been forever in the making. I could not get any replies on twitter and I did not hear anything from my email ticket. Here's a funny note from outlook about Topps support about the email ticket:

Be careful! This sender failed our fraud detection checks.

Anyhow, I decided to place a call into the Topps CS dept. and spin the wheel of "what line will you be fed today." After 5 minutes of waiting and hearing David Wright blah blah blah I suddenly was talking with a live person....yeah! I will admit the lady was very kind with me on the phone today and after explaining my issue to her she even said that she can completely understand my frustration with the redemptions. She also politely explained to me that their redemption department is undergoing significant necessary staff changes at this time and that it may be about a month till they resume starting it back up. She told me that I could call back then and see about a replacement if they did not get any more of Marks autographed stickers returned. My thought first thought was, "wow......honesty." My second thought was, "DAMN STICKER AUTOS." She also mentioned that they are still shipping things once it reaches 10,000 as well. Just great. much better. Oh least I got some honesty instead a BS line of spew.

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