Friday, February 15, 2013

From the LCS $5.00 auto box: Russell Wilson Edition

My LCS (Denny's Cards and Creations) now has a $5.00 autograph box. There was dozens of certified autographs from the year 1998 and up in it with some of them being first round picks who would never be heard from again after one season. Some of them were career long minor league players. There were even a few semi star players as well as I got closer to the end of the box. Then when I got to the end of the stack and it was the last card I was surprised to have found this little guy:

This guy was at the end of the line or so it seems like it's been that way for Russell Wilson for most of his life. Everybody told him he wouldn't make it in the NFL as an undersized third-round pick, (5ft11", 208lbs). I would say he made some pretty bold statements in the way that he played in his rookie year. Russell was very efficient!
This card is the 2012 Press Pass Fanfare Autos and it's #90/199. 


unclemoe said...

I don't even like football much but I know that was a solid purchase for a Lincoln.

The Big Kahuna said...

Yeah......I snagged it for that price. The LCS owner thought he was going to be a wash out when I asked him about it. I'll keep it for my PC.