Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Tim has a section called, "Chicken Scratch" where he describes a little bit about an athlete's signature and how you can tell if it looks like "chicken scratch" or if it looks like the athlete cares about what he's signing. I collect something a little different that I like to call, "Lasso-graphs". Allow me to show you what I mean:

Take a glance at the autograph on this Stargate:Universe card. I enjoy collecting these kind of cards because this is where we get to see some serious ink loop-age and ink flying all over the place. How you would ever identify the name "Josh Blacker" from that signature is beyond me.

Here's another prime example of another prime "Lasso-graph":

Look at how she makes a big "O" followed by curves. Ona Grauer is pretty hot so we'll forgive her for her sloppy effort but that's still no excuse for poor handwriting. My nephew writes better than this and he's 6 years old for crying out loud!

Here's another stellar "Lasso-graph" to share with you:

The question I present to you is how many "Lasso-graphs" do you have in your collection?


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Dodgerbobble said...

I have a lot of lasso-graphs. I think I'm gonna get another one tonight, Shaq. I just saw his auto and I cant make out a name there. It looks like a bunch of loops.