Friday, March 18, 2011

Self Ebay Plug

Some of the cards you may have seen here on my site will be for sale on Ebay seller id: hertz27. Some of you may have even done business with me in the past and I was also recognized as the guy who always charged $1.65 or less for shipping ($1.65 combined no matter how many cards you bought). I've always gone out of my way for the customer and my feedback details says it all (100%). I've done many international sales and I've only ever had one problem and the guy ripped me off big time even after I provided proof that he signed for the item and that the item was delivered. Seems like there's always a bad apple in a bunch! However I still do international sales for the most part. Oh I'll have more than just sports cards for sale as I'm looking to do some spring cleaning as well. Some items you may see are drum parts, cymbals, comics, ex-wife, computer games, and many more different types of things.

Times are tough and the economy is tough and my wallet is getting tighter and when you have kids you have to find ways to make sure all the ends are covered because we all know how "little things" like to pop/creep up on you. Yes I am plugging myself!

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