Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mark Sanchez...Jets fan or not....he is a man of respect and he has a human heart like you and me!

I came across a good story today on ESPN. Whether you're a NY Jets fan or not, you have to admit that Mark Sanchez has a heart and lacks an ego and lets us into a bit of his private life. I wish there was more athletes like Mark Sanchez! My thoughts and prayers go out to the Binkley family at the loss of their 11 yr old son Aidan. The Jets organization and Mark Sanchez made a child's dream last an eternity. Rest now in peace Aidan....for you are home in the Arms of the Angels.

Here's the story link!

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BA Benny said...

With all the stupid things the Jets have done this year this shows why Sanchez has become the leader and the class of the team. Makes me proud to root for him on Sundays. This is just one example of how he gives back to the community on a regular basis here in NYC.