Sunday, September 18, 2016

Word of advice.......don't go into management! Nuff said.

Finally......finally I can get back to blogging on here again. I was on a 6 week hiatus from work (on a well deserved mental break) and when I returned to work I had successfully transferred to the night shift life style again. Less fuss and less stress. What exactly does this mean for me? Well then, allow me take a glance: my blood pressure is going down, my weight is going back down, the body count I was producing is going down, my hair is still thinning, and unfortunately my wallet keeps going I missed doing the little things on here and now I can start to put some focus back into it again and win over the hearts of the mindless trolls that love to spam me and the hearts of card collectors in Peru (if there is any.....which would be cool....seriously....way cool). The Big Kahuna has come down from the mountain tops and will share his thoughts on the disappointing NFL season (oh no he didn't just say that cuz it's only week one!). Also TBK is not happy about Panini holding the exclusive title for football cards for the NFL and will be asking our next president to grant Upper Deck a license and then send a redemption card to Topps for a license to produce NFL cards (but never fulfill the redemption).

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Fuji said...

Oh man... how I miss the days when UD had a NFL license. Can you say UD Masterpieces? Such an amazing product.

P.S. Welcome back to blogging.