Thursday, September 19, 2013


9/22/13 UPDATE: The guy finally received his package and closed the case. I went ahead and refunded him his shipping costs since the USPS screwed it up. He hasn't replied back since I did that. I'm just glad he got it.

So......I had some auctions end on EBAY on Sunday Sept 8th. I received 90% of the payments within 24 hrs. I always give one business day for shipping and handling time as that's all I need as everything is prepped ahead of time. So I shipped everything out from the Allensville Post Office on Tuesday Sept 10th. I had to go away for a few days and was leaving on Thursday Sept 12th and was going to be out of state for a week. On wed Sept 11th I received a notice in my mail that most of the packages I had sent out were returned for not enough postage. The Mill Creek post office is only open now from 9:30 to 1:30 due to the morons not being able to handle a budget and it's normally around 2:30 when I get my mail so I knew I was screwed for getting anything taken care of immediately. So I contacted my postal carrier whom I'm friends with and left him a check for the Postmaster to cover the cost of additional postage as he is familiar with my Ebay business. Everything was handled just fine on his end and Irene Miller the Postmaster called me to let me know the difference and to also let me know just how much the lady at the Allensville post office screwed up my whole order. So now everything was being reshipped on the 12th. Most of the people are now getting their packages but I have one guy who has already filed a complaint of not receiving his card.

Here's what just happened:
cardinal*nation*cardboard let us know that they haven't received "2012 Bowman Joe Kelly Orange prospect auto card# BPA-JK serially #155/250 HOT!!!" and has requested a shipping status update. A case is open and you can view the case and the buyer's message in the eBay Resolution Center. 

Ebay has already taken back the money he's paid.

I had people leave me poor shipping times in the star ratings which for years I had all 5's and my shipping time has been slated down to a 4.6 WHICH I HAVE A RECORD FOR MY FAST SHIPPING TIMES. So far no negs have been left but it just rubs me the wrong way even more because when they reshipped my envelopes Irine never left me the tracking numbers for the insured stuff  that was resent and I have no way of posting/checking up on the statuses. She sent the stuff out and didn't bother to save the tracking info which I needed. So I got pissed off ebay customers who have not received their products due to the lack of improperly trained Postal workers. The only one who did anything right was my mail carrier Buck. All Irene said was, "Sorry, I didn't know you wanted that stuff also." She thinks she may have it still somewhere but no guarantees.

FUJI you should have yours anytime!

Not all has been bad though. There is hope! I did have one guy from Oregon inquire yesterday because he didn't receive anything yet and then I got this yesterday afternoon:

Dear hertz27,

Hey my friend,

No worries. It showed up in todays mail. Thank you for your response and looking into it. Hope you have a good day. Thanks again.

- zozzle4
If there was another decent postal service I would use it!


Dawgbones said...

I've only opened a case with eBay twice now. One for never having received an item I paid for, and one recently for selling an item and not receiving payment. In neither case did I actually post feedback (negative or positive) and I always try and contact the seller/buyer (through eBay and email) prior to any action. I always check the postmark dates on packages and never hold the shipper responsible for USPS delays. If the shipper sends stuff within a week, I'm good, if they've emailed/contacted me at all, I'm even better. The worst experiences I've had on eBay have not turned negative through email conversation. As long as I know why or what is going on, I'm satisfied. The only time I leave lower ratings for shipping is when I've obviously been fleeced for that specifically. Charging me $15 for "shipping and handling" when it comes in an envelope with marked postage of $1.95!! Hell, as a seller, I've issued partial refunds when shipping hasn't cost me what I expected it to, figuring if a buyer was happy paying the stated postage, they'd be thrilled to get some $$ back unexpectedly!

jacobmrley said...

You have to remember some ebay buyers are horribly impatient jerks. Sadly, there is no way to know this before there is an issue. All you can do is send apology emails and block the ones who are a big hassle.

Also, and I doubt you want to hear this. For all its horror and slowness, the USPS is the best and most efficient postal service in the world. Think about THAT for a moment.

The Big Kahuna said...

Yes we are still the cheapest when it comes to postal service. Also the best Postal service at making things seem horrible progress slow but at least it gets there....for the most part.

Oh I've had someone attempt to rip me off before. Ebay did nothing and Paypal did nothing even after the guy said he never received the card but yet a month later there it was for sale on ebay. Paypal and ebay did nothing after showing all the proof in the world. So I made a simple phone call to the State Police and boom...I had my money back the next day. Still have the emails that the jerk wad sent. He said he didn't think anyone would care what he did. BUSTED!

The Big Kahuna said...

Richard I always charge 1.95 for shipping which gets you a bubble mailer and extra protection and insurance as well. It's hard though when the buyer doesn't contact you and just drops a "no show" case on you and seems to not want to communicate back after emailing him.