Friday, August 24, 2012

THE BIG KAHUNA makes his NFL picks be known!

That's right folks.....step right on up to the box and place your bets! The fine folks here at ENOUGH ALREADY have made their NFL predictions for the first week of the NFL season and we are so glad to share them with you. Come now......grovel before us with your offerings of picks and see if it pleases the Big Kahuna to think that you can outwit him in his NFL picks. We will not demand a virgin sacrifice this time but we will demand that you comb your hair and sacrifice you sister's cousin brother's niece and 2 packages of double stuffed oreos into our NFL picks volcano.

BIG KAHUNA'S PICKS for WEEK 1 of the (non regular referees induced NFL season)

Match-up                                                          WINNING

Dallas  at  N.Y. Giants:                                   NY GIANTS

Atlanta  at  Kansas City:                                  Kansas City
St. Louis  at  Detroit:                                       Detroit
Miami  at  Houston:                                         Houston
Buffalo  at  N.Y. Jets:                                       Buffalo
Washington  at  New Orleans:                        New Orleans
Philadelphia  at  Cleveland:                             Philadelphia
Indianapolis  at  Chicago:                                Chicago
Jacksonville  at  Minnesota:                            Minnesota
New England  at  Tennessee:                         Tennessee   UPSET PICK!!!
Carolina  at  Tampa Bay:                                Carolina
San Francisco  at  Green Bay:                        Green Bay          

Seattle  at  Arizona:                                        Seattle          

Pittsburgh  at  Denver:                                    Pittsburgh         

Cincinnati  at  Baltimore:                                Cincinnati
San Diego  at  Oakland:                                Oakland

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