Monday, September 5, 2011

Is this Albert Pujols autograph a fake?

I've been looking to acquire an Albert Pujols autograph for our collection of MLB players and came across this ebay auto:

The owner of the auction said this in the item description:
"This auction if for an Albert Pujols signed The Bigs case. There is no game or game book. The Upper Deck Authenticated authentication hologram number is pictured, and it does not come with the UDA COA, but obviously it has the UDA sticker on it, and is obviously the real deal. It was given to players in the St. Louis, Missouri area, at the Albert Pujols charity golf tournament. I will ship via USPS mail with tracking."

Then when I entered the code on Upper Deck's website to check the hologram authenticity this is what I got:

We are unable to locate SHO20950 in our hologram database.

Note: Items that were produced prior to 2002 are not included in the online database.

Please contact our Customer Service Department at (800)551-8220 or via e-mail at to confirm the authenticity of your item.

Welcome to UDA's Hologram Data Center. To view and verify the authenticity of Upper Deck Authentic Memorabilia, please enter its corresponding hologram ID number below and click on "Submit."

A photo of the item will appear, as well as a brief description of the item, and will reveal immediately if the entered hologram ID number properly matches the piece to which it was originally applied. Please note that this database only contains items from January 2002 to present at this time. To find out information on older items, please contact us at 1(800)551-8220 between 8:00AM-5:00PM, Monday-Friday PST. 

So you tell me......would you buy this item based off of what he has described in his auction listing? Look for the clues!


(...Joe) said...

I wouldn't trust it. The "A" looks off and the last name seems all sorts of wrong.

Nick B. said...

I wouldn't buy it.

It's too hard to see the entire signature due to the background to compare to real Albert autos. Also, why would UD authenticate a signed video game case to be given away at a charity golf outing? Most of the stuff I have seen from them (outside of jerseys or balls/pucks) has original or iconic photographs, not something third party.

Just seems too fishy to me.

Joe said...

This is a REAL signature. Any Upper Deck sticker that starts with "SHO" means that it was signed at an autograph signing. It will also not be listed on Upper Deck's site. You can call them (Upper Deck)though, and verify everything I've just said. They will also take your info over the phone and officially register you as the owner.