Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chicken Scratch: David Garrard Edition

The so called "fools" of upper management and Jack Del Rio at the Jacksonville Jaguars thought it was best to sever the ties to David Garrard and put all of their hopes and dreams of a Super Bowl into the hands of  a craptastic QB named "Cool Hands Luke" McCown. Was it over money? Perhaps. Was it over inconsistency of David's health? Hmmmmm.......let's see how they match up:

"Cool Hand Luke":
TD-INT: 9/10
Passing Yds: 1,619
QB Rating: 74.4
Salary: $250,000/yr

David G:
TD-INT: 89/54
Passing Yds: 16,003
QB Rating: 85.8
Salary: $7,975,000/yr

I'm quite sure he will not stay unemployed for long as there are several teams in need of a veteran QB. What's really disgusting is how the Jacksonville staff used him today to sell season tickets and opening season tickets at a Jaguars fans experience and then after the show is done they cut him off the team with less than a week till the first game of the season. CLASSLESS ACT ON THEIR PART. David deserved better!

As for David's autograph let us take a look at what we have:

I for one do enjoy the layout and design of the Topps Pristine cards. What I like the most about them is that his autograph is "on card". As for David's signature you can easily make out the first "D" and the last "d" in his first name. It looks as if the "avi" part is a straight line. As with his last name you can clearly again make out the first and last letters in the last name portion of the autograph: the "G" and "d". The "arrar" part seems equivalent to a curved and straight line. David has also added his jersey number to his signature and it is a clearly visible number. For his auto we give him 3 out of 5 sharpies!

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