Wednesday, January 26, 2011

NyQuil is my friend at the moment

We all hate to see our son(s) and/or daughter(s) get sick and they always seem to give ya the biggest hugs and kisses when their sick. Well, I guess I could say so much for me avoiding the bug that has plagued my daughter since thursday evening. Now I too also find myself nursing an URI/cold and not really resting as well as I should be. I decided then it was time to visit with an old friend, "Mr. NyQuil". I took my prescribed dose (perhaps an extra tsp more+-) at 11am and i did not wake up til 10:38pm. I never heard the phone ring. I never heard the dogs crying to go out and pee. I never even got up for halfway through my mid sleep bathroom break. I was out cold! I know they rest is the best medicine but I felt like I could've gone right back into bed when I did get up. Unfortunately work calls and I must go! Hope you guys stay warm and healthy!

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