Friday, January 21, 2011

Beckett Gift Subscription

I was rather surprised to find in my mailbox today a subscription to Beckett Monthly magazine. I called the customer service department and asked how I could have a year long subscription when I did not order it at all. Now the Beckett customer service girl was very nice and pleasant to work with and had told me that it was paid via check on Dec. 13th as a gift. Now I had already checked my credit card statements and found that none of my cards were charged so I'm kind of left speechless at the moment as to how this has happened. I said to her are you sure it was applied to the right account because I have not ordered this magazine since 2006 and I did not send anything in at all. She said that it was a gift and that I would receive Beckett Monthly for a year. She took my phone number and she said she would look into it and if there was any kind of a mistake she would give me a call.
I can't figure out for the life of me who would send me a gift subscription like that because no one in my family did that nor do they even know that I read that magazine from time to time. And I know my fiance didn't do it because she has no idea of what the hobby even really means. So I'm left to assume someone from the blogging world must have been feeling very generous. So to Whomever did this fine deed I thank you for it and I am surprised and shocked by your generosity! Thank you, Thank You very much!


Fuji said...

I'm not a huge fan of Beckett's book values... but that's a great magazine. Love reading the articles and the Reader's Write section. Congratulations!

The Big Kahuna said...

Thanks! Not a fan of the pricing sections but they do have some good articles from time to time.