Friday, October 8, 2010

Time is Good

Well it's nice to be back into the world of things. I had taken some well earned and deserved time off from work and the novel I am working on and went on vacation with the family and it was great to just gel at the beach and take in "Bike Week" at Ocean City among other things. I really had to let the batteries recharge so to speak cause everything was catching up with me and it was effecting me on more levels then I care to have it do.

The sports world has been buzzing with so many changes and now Brett Favre is back in the spotlight again for 2 reasons:

1. Randy Moss has been traded back to the Vikings.
2. Brett Favre was caught leaving dirty voicemail messages.

Only time will tell if the "Moss Marriage" to the Vikings will end up on Judge Judy's Divorce Court or an assistant's video tape perhaps before the end of the season. Just maybe Randy might finally hang it up at the end of the season for all we know! As for the Brett Favre audio messages.....God I hope the media does not turn this into "The Mel Gibson 3 Ring Circus Tapes".

Starting Monday:
I will be starting up my NFL picks.
A review of my 2 retail boxes of Topps Platinum Football.
Exercise/Weightlifting tips.
Gaming Coma' they exist?

Back to the grindstone! "Bring out your Dead"!

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