Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Baltimore ROCKS!

Sunday was a another fun filled day with my better half and her family as we traveled down to the Baltimore Inner Harbor. Shortly before we arrived at the Aquarium we were stopped by a few police who was stopping all traffic at the redlight because Police bikes were taking either the Ravens or Broncos football team to the Stadium. I thought that was pretty neat to see. However then it donned on me that I could be in trouble. I was proudly wearing my NY GIANTS t-shirt and going into a sea of purple not realizing sunday was a home game for the Ravens. The funny thing is no one said one word to me and perhaps maybe it was due to my size (everyone says I look like I could rip cars apart easily) or else they felt sorry for me and didn't want to express anything for fear I may rip them a new hole. I'm not sure but maybe it was out of respect or something. Although a part of me did feel like taking a dump on the cement plaque that celebrates the Ravens 2000 super bowl victory. However in the midst of all of the white and purple that was everywhere I did manage to meet a few other NY Giants fans later in the day and it was nice to exchange pleasantries and stories with the locals. As for the trip....The aquarium totally rocked! I will be bringing my children down for them to see and share in the awesomeness of the Aquarium! I also need to take them to the Science center as well. The only thing that I did find rather amusing a little was the unexpected cannon going off on the USS Constellation. I suddenly felt like shopping for a new pair of underwear because it felt like I shit my pants when the cannon on the ship went off UNANNOUNCED and we were close by it! I will have alot of good memories from this trip and I promise I will be returning to Baltimore soon with my children!

My picks are in RED

Kansas City at Houston (1:00 PM)
Baltimore at New England (1:00 PM)
Detroit at N.Y. Giants (1:00 PM)
Atlanta at Philadelphia (1:00 PM)
New Orleans at Tampa Bay (1:00 PM)
Seattle at Chicago (1:00 PM)
Miami at Green Bay (1:00 PM)
San Diego at St. Louis (1:00 PM)
Cleveland at Pittsburgh (1:00 PM)
N.Y. Jets at Denver (4:05 PM)
Oakland at San Francisco (4:05 PM)
Dallas at Minnesota (4:15 PM)
Indianapolis at Washington (8:20 PM)
MONDAY Tennessee at Jacksonville (8:30 PM)

BTW........The Atlanta Braves will be on the golf courses a little bit earlier this month then they originally planned!

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more to come!

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