Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Great Karnack says.....PT 5 Matt Laporta goes down!

National League Central
1. St. Louis (100-62)
2. Milwaukee (91-71)
3. Pittsburgh (90-72)
4. Houston (81-81)
5. Cincinnati (79-83)
6. Chicago Cubs (70-92)

National League West
1. LA Dodgers (101-61)
2. Colorado (92-70)
3. Arizona (88-74)
4. San Fransisco (79-83)
5. San Diego (62-100)

That wraps it up on how I see the teams will fair this season. Hopefully there will be some surprises this year so who really knows how things will turn out. I do see some bright spots as I look for Pittsburgh and Arizona to make some serious improvements this year and could have the potential to make some noise. It's also possible that we could see Atlanta take back the NL East crown from Philadelphia. Will the Red Sox choke? Will Jeter and Rodriguez finally have their marriage? Will Clemens come clean this year like McGwire did? Will Pittsburgh break 3,500 in attendance for one game? Will the Mets blow another 13 game lead? Will Adam Lind continue his hot streak and game improvements? Let the 2010 season begin and we shall see!

On a side note:
I found it rather amusing that everyone thought Matt Laporta was GOD and there was a lot of those goobers on the message boards that swear he was the NEXT BIG THING! Well let me ask you guys, "how did that turn out"? However it looks like the crown has been passed to Jason Heyward who is supposed to be an "Outfield Albert Pujols". I guess only time will tell.

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