Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tis the Season....Merry Christmas MLB Players!

My goodness how this off-season of Major League Baseball has been very "moving" to say the least. Some players have gladly welcomed their trades while other players are left saying, "what the heck" or "why" or some very flavorful choice of words like #**&*(&$#)#(@)##*. Here's an update of some notable players and where there new home is going to be in 2010:

John Lackey to BOSTON
Mike Cameron to BOSTON
Hideki Matsui to the ANGELS
Cliff Lee to SEATTLE and was rather quite upset about it to say the least after settling in Philly...or so his agent said.
Roy Halladay to PHILADELPHIA
Juan Pierre to CHICAGO White Sox
Randy Wolf to MILWAUKEE
Ivan Rodriguez to WASHINGTON
Bobby Crosby to PITTSBURGH
Chris Ray to TEXAS
Kevin Millwood to BALTIMORE
Curtis Granderson to NY YANKEES
Chone Figgins to SEATTLE
Gregg Zaun to MILWAUKEE

You can say all you want that Baseball is a business and it's bound to happen sooner or later with some trades. Sadly it seems though that the type of ball player that plays for only one team is fading away like a sunset. Welcome to the era of the "money ball". Looks like ticket prices are gonna go up again with some of these trades.....uggghhhh... ENOUGH ALREADY! I can see the prices now at the vendors:

Hot Dogs: 6.00/ with bun 8.00
Beer: 9.00 a bottle/ actually cold 12.00
Hamburgers (that weren't recalled): 10.00/ with bun 12.00
Popcorn: 6.50 (kernels only)/ actually popped popcorn 8.50
Programs: 8.00 (text only)/ with color pics 10.00

If we ever actually see these prices at a ball park then we just need to quit going to the games.


Dinged Corners said...

Don't forget an extra $2 for COOKING the hot dog/hamburger. That takes extra effort, you know.

The Big Kahuna said... could I forget. Shame on me.