Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Time to take a dive into .....

It's time to take a dive into the random thoughts "ENOUGH ALREADY" rant:

Tiger = Cheeta.... think about it as you putt for a hole in one.

"The New York Mets Agreed to terms with C-1B Chris Coste and C Henry Blanco on one-year contracts". What the hell are METS management thinking? WHO ARE THESE GUYS?

Seems Tim Tebow has gone from the "prodigal son" to Disciple Peter.

Scott Boras aka BORASS: Shut the hell up and go crawl in a hole and choke on a drumstick you scum of a agent. How dare you insult Whitey Herzog.

Cowboys tackle Flozell Adams: You play with no integrity or sportsmanship.

Greg Oden....please retire. 3 yrs of injuries is enough!

For the love of humanity can we please have a college football playoff schedule. Dump this BCS crap and do the brackets.

Topps does it again with it's finest baseball redemptions. I received 4 notices that my redemption's have surpassed the allotted time on TOPPS end. I guess this means I will probably see those cards in May of 2010.

Ingram deserves the Heisman...not McCoy. If they even consider giving it to Tebow I will take back my redline stapler and burn the place down per Milton.


Anonymous said...

Henry Blanco is an aging but serviceable backup. He was probably the best backup catcher in the league in '08. Maybe he can reclain that form one more time. Can't vouch for the other guy though.

The Big Kahuna said...

They could at least dip into their farm system and use somebody. Gotta get your feet wet sometime.