Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Topps = Barack Obama An Open Letter to Topps Inc.

Dear Topps,
It has come to my attention that Mr. Barack Obama has been included in over 12 different types of Topps sets over the past year. He has been included in the Topps Baseball set to the Topps football set to the Topps Mayo set and into the American Heritage set as well. Heck, you guys even made an ETOPPS card of him so that would be actually over 13 products at least. My questions for you is as follows: Is it really necessary to have him in every freaking card set? Is it necessary to ride on the guys' coattails just because you see $$$$ attached to his name? Is all of the Topps Board members Democrats? How come you have not acted this way for the other more prominent historical figures? Sure you may have tapped into the Lincoln files a little or cut up an autograph or two of a few presidents. However what exactly is it that Mr. Obama has done to gain such popularity that he has to be included in almost every card set? Did he cure cancer? Did he find a cure for Aids? Did he solve the homeless problems? The one thing he has done is he has brought the US to the verge of complete bankruptcy. IS this the direction Topps is going to go?


Steve Gierman said...

I totally agree that Obama has been in too many card releases, but actually the last occupant of the Oval Office brought the US to the verge of complete bankruptcy.

Unknown said...

And by bringing the US to the verge of bankruptcy you mean George Bush. Obama hasn't been in office for a year, the economy didn't get this way over night, and won't change over night.

The Big Kahuna said...

Oh I agree Bush made the cake however...Obama has put the icing on the cake.