Thursday, July 2, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

It was nice tonight to have some free time to spend with my Fiancée and so we decided to make it a movie night. The choice was Transformers and neither one of us had anything to really say bad about the movie. Now I am no movie critic and yes there was a few things that could've been improved but overall it was a good movie and I enjoyed the darker tones in this movie. If the critics says, "it stinks" it's usually good then IMO. If they say, "it's 5 stars" then I'll just wait for the dvd to come out. Just because it does not scream for every academy award it seems the critics have really blasted it into outer space. Yes the story could've had a tweeking or two and I felt that the ending was rushed a little. I have been a fan of transformers for over 20 yrs and had most of the G1 toys/figures. But the part I liked the best about the movie....I was able to spend time with my Fiancée and watch a movie that we both like and we had a good time. Thanks Kathy!

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