Friday, July 10, 2009

TOPPS supplies Ryne Sandberg with Steroids???

Let's take a look at Ryne Sandberg's 2001 Topps Archieves card for a moment and look at his stat line for 1996 after taking a year off in 1995. Do you notice anything out of the unusual? Holy Cow!!! Ryne hit 252 Home Runs that year! Move over Barry Bonds...Go Andro McGwire...Put a cork in it Sammy! Perhaps we should ask, "did Ryne use a clear gel too?" Perhaps he was using Sammy Sosa's trainer also? Nah! It's just a mistake Topps made and we all know Topps never makes a mistake. That would be most rather interesting to see someone hit that many taters! My first reply would be.... "fill the cup please".

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rakeback said...

Ive always been a big fan of Ryne Sandberg, I think hes being groomed to take over as manager in the next couple years.