Tuesday, July 14, 2009

OH the Governor of PA ...what a web you weave

If Governor Rendell soon doesn't pass a budget for Pennsylvania does that mean he can't go on his beloved safari hunting trip until the budget becomes approved or will he be forced to use our supposed "closed" State Parks for the Safari hunting grounds instead? Does this mean that certain members of his staff will be dressed up in lion and rhino outfits? Heck, why not just throw some state legislatures in as monkeys too (no costumes needed) to hangout in the trees and throw "things". Oh and he wants, "no whining" as he shoots at you with the TAX bullets from his big fat pork barrel gun! Unfortunately the natives (800+ layoffs) will not be able to receive economical assistance from his pockets as the money is being diverted to Pittsburgh and Philadelphia to rectify a golden statue symbolizing the presence of the mighty Rendell Safari Hunter and more pay raises for state legislators. In the display case at the base of the statue will be his state funded GPS unit, state funded per diem account, private chef (mounted of course), his fork (Excavator) and spoon (armored bulldozer with actual teeth marks) from his daily feeding rituals and a slot machine and his own brand of cereal, "mini slot machine O's shredded fiber". In the gift shop you can purchase mini slot machines, posters of slot machines, gambling anonymously in PA books autographed by Rendell and Bob Casey, slot machine t-shirts and hats, and even your very own PHEAA diploma certifying you in slot machine repair. You can layaway a slot machine with little or no money down (depending upon which party you belong to). You can also purchase additional quantities of "mini slot machineO's" cereal and PA casino tickets in advance.

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