Monday, April 30, 2012

Lasso-Graphs Edition- Sammy Solis

Hello folks! Ryan filling in here with another edition of Lasso-graphs. Tim has been working ungodly hours and asked me if I could fill in a little for him.

For the next person that I chose to examine I know that Tim had pulled this particular card out of a box of Bowman Chrome baseball the day before it was announced that Sammy Solis will undergo Tommy John ligament replacement surgery. I never heard Tim curse so many times about prospecting and his luck at pulling bad prospects. All I could think was (using the Simpson's Nelson voice)......ha ha!

Let's see how bad this guy makes "swirlies" in his name shall we:

Look at all those lasso's flying all over the place. It looks like the initials of "Sg81" or "Sj8l". It looks like his signature is done in one fluid motion. "Loops, loops, everywhere a loop" on this card.

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