Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What shall we rip open?

Alrighty....I admit I might be a pack junkie addict but at least I'm in total control of it. Well.... I was in control of my urges until I found out that I'm getting a nice tax return check courtesy of the IRS for this past year. So after paying off some bills and taking care of the "future Mrs. Kahuna", I have a little extra fundage to monkey around with and I have decided to let the inner beast come out (no..not that one Kathy ;-) my Fiance reads my blogs too ya know- Gotta make it SEXY...LOL!!!)

and purchase a few boxes to quench it's thurst for I mean pack ripping. Obviously it's thrusting to take a shot at something like "The Cup" or "National Treasures" (Screw you Nick Cage) or perhaps maybe even a small case of something. I've also contemplated picking up one of the following rookie cards for my kids:

A: Michael Jordan Rookie
B: Wayne Gretzky Rookie
C: Lebron James Rookie
D: Hank Aaron Rookie
E: Nolan Ryan Rookie
F: Cal Ripken Rookie

For some reason I keep leaning to Cal Ripken or Henry Aaron. My son wants to shoot for more Even Meek stuff while my daughter wants more David Wright stuff.

I'm already getting a few tickets for the kids to go to some Pirates ball games and for some Altoona Curve ball games so we can add some new auto's to the children's growing autograph collection. Perhaps I could get them started on collecting autographed bats and balls again. Who knows what we'll do just yet?

So.....what do you think I should bust a box of in Baseball, Football, Hockey?

Or should I just invest my money in making custom made "game used jock strap piece cards"?


Nathan said...

I'll vote for baseball and the Ripken rookie

Fuji said...

If money isn't an issue... I'd want a Jordan rookie. As for box busting... I'd pick up football... 2010 Topps Magic to be exact.