Thursday, April 8, 2010

What the heck?

Through three games so far Travis has been up to bat 11 times and has struck out 6 of those times. He has one single and a double and a RBI and 2 BBS. He's sporting a hefty .091 batting avg and I certainly hope that this trend does not continue. Yes I understand it's the beginning of the season but Ryan Howard and Mark Reynolds does not need any competition for the "Da Big Whiffer strikeout king" title. Besides, we all know that Reggie Jackson is the ALL TIME STRIKEOUT LEADER with 2597 strikeouts.

As for the other "hot bat" on the Blue Jays, Vernon Wells has been laying down a good foundation of hits and home runs. In the last 10 at bats he's produced 6 hits with 4 home runs and 7 RBI and one strikeout and has a .600 avg so far. Let's hope this continues for Vernon and it spreads like wildfire to the other team members as well.

Looks like Jason Heyward is settling down some. I have not heard anything since day one when he smacked a HR. Another Atlanta hot hand, "Tommy Hanson" received his first loss of this season against the cubs. I'm still curious to see how he's going to pan out for the Braves. There is one pitcher in the Braves Farm system that I am keeping an eye on and that player is Mike Minor.

Garrett Jones.....keep an eye on him in Pittsburgh.

And it looks like the Mets have not been impressive so far.

In hobby related news.....Upper Deck is out for 2010 football. I'm quite sure you've heard the reasons why and it's just disgusting. Now we're left with "Flopps" and "Panini sandwich". At least UD will have the college sweet spot for us to play with. I'm pissed. Nuff said.

Anybody up for creating a NFL Pro Caliber AMISH Football Team? We'll be called the Fighting Amish. Our mascot is an Amish Man with Pitchfork in his hand ready to throw it like a football. Team colors are: Black, White, and Purple. .........more to come!

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Roy said...

Have you seen any of the Snider strikeouts? They awful. Absolutely flailing at off speed pitches from righties and not be able to touch lefties for anything more than a week fly ball.

Probably because that rookie card has him wearing the old uniform with the new hat.