Thursday, March 11, 2010

Random thoughts, moans, groans, and gripes

Time for another edition of my whining, random thoughts and useless office entertainment. Strap yourself in and leave it all hang out:

1.Derek Anderson was released by the Cleveland Browns today. His thoughts on it were:

"The fans are ruthless and don't deserve a winner," Anderson said in the e-mail Tuesday. "I will never forget getting cheered when I was injured. I know at times I wasn't great. I hope and pray I'm playing when my team comes to town and [we] roll them."

I can see Derek getting slapped by some Browns for these comments. However Derek may have to find a team first to play for in order for that to happen.

2. Nomar Garciaparra, who spent most of his career with the Boston Red Sox, signed a one-day minor league contract with Boston on Wednesday, then retired, bringing to a close a 14-year career. Moments later it was announced that he's joining ESPN as a commentator.

My hats off to Nomar as he was a genuine class act for any team that he played on. Life is good for him: Played as a Boston Red Sox successfully, married a hot wife (Mia Hamm), and was a member of the 1992 Olympic Baseball team. Thanks for playing Nomar and enjoy the time with the wife and twins!

3. I'm ready for the new IRON MAN 2 movie. If you want to see the movie, "2012" then before watching it I suggest you take out your eyeballs first with some nearby tools or use a couple of New York City rats to help remove them. Then it will be safe to watch the movie. If you do choose to watch the movie with your eyes intact then please for the safety of your family and those around you....please have a bucket (suggested 5-10 gallon) nearby to collect your vomit because once you see the acting in this film.....BARF.....BARF.....oh man just the thought of watching this film again makes me wanna blow chunks. THE ONLY THING GOOD about this movie is the special effects.

My suggestions for some fun movies this week:

The Crazies, Law Abiding Citizen, "UP", or perhaps one of the many movies I made with your Mom now available at your local college book shops and at OLLIES outlets where "good stuff is cheap".

4. Topps never fails to amaze me.... A Tommy Bahama 2009 World Series Collectors Edition Shirt was chopped up to make 1,900 serial-numbered Ginter promo cards. Um.....yeah.......let me get right on that one.....YAWN!

5. Corey Haim.....May you find peace in the arms of the Angels. You are home now.

6. Not a fan of Torii Hunter anymore. Poor choice of wording on his part.

7. I still HATE SCOTT BORAS(s)( ).

8. Marion Jones: I wish you all the best in the WNBA. Just play it clean! You served your time and we are a forgiving society but don't do it again.

9. Lenny Dykstra..... From the top of the tree to the bottom of the barrel. Now he 's being sued by his former estate manager/personal assistant who is seeking damages for an incident last May for when Lenny put two hands on her bags and tried to steal "2nd base".

10. I'm really starting to enjoy Caprica on the SyFy channel. It's not quite as good as BSG but seems to be a good fill in for laying out the origins of BSG.

11. Well, it looks like I am building a TOPPS Platinum football set for the kids since my son and daughter had asked if we could try to put one together. Now I just have to find some boxes of 09 Topps Platinum for some decent prices.

12. I say if "Big Ben" Roethlisberger keeps on getting into trouble then perhaps they could draft Tim "the Messiah" Tebow to be a guiding leader for Ben.....HAHAHAHAHA!

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